Monday, January 16

Snow Bunny Hunting

Chai now has a new sport. We shall call it snow bunny hunting. He hunts for it, finds it, pounces on it, picks it up, throws it, loses it, finds it, lies on it, loses it, finds it & repeat! All with a 99 cent tennis ball!




Loses it... 

Thursday, January 5

Horsetooth Reservoir Hike

Monday afternoon we decided to take a "hike" around Horsetooth Reservoir. It was our first time and we were pleasantly surprised. Horsetooth was very reminiscent of California, especially Lake Shasta & Big Bear. Beautiful views, jagged rocks. We'll have to go back for a BBQ when it's warm.

The trails were slippery since the snow has been melting quickly. Chai LOVED hiking around. If he wasn't leading "the pack," he was dragging his Daddy up and down the side of a cliff. Star was a trooper too- staying right on her brother's tail! Daddy got an arm workout and Mommy slipped in the mud and landed on her ass. Ouch. 

Monday, December 26

Happy Holidays!

Wishing everyone a very happy holiday season! Thank you so much for keeping up with the blog posts! Promise to post more in the new year! 

Chai Chai & Daddy

Mama & Charles T 

Mama & Starlet

Monday, December 5

UKC Champion

Chai got his UKC Champion title in one weekend!

He was bred by exhibitor for the first set of shows. Then Matt & I showed him in the classes after. He placed 4th with me and 3rd with Matt.

This show was WAY easier! UKC judges base their decisions on what a dog's duty is versus the AKC judges who base their decisions on the prettiness factor. The shows were much less snooty and, therefore, tolerable. We actually had alot of fun!

Monday, November 7

Big Boy

My apologies! It has been awhile since I last updated the blog.

Chai will be ONE year old on November 16. In the past seven months that he has been with us, he has grown and changed SO much! He is currently 30" tall (measured from his shoulder to his toes) & 90 lbs! YIKES. Great Pyrenees grow in height and width up until their third birthday. While he is already much larger than his father, his great uncles were 32" tall & 130 lbs. We have been told he will max out at around 115 lbs and probably stop growing in height. BIG big boy! 

Good 'ol Fashion Cuddle Time 

Halloween 2011

We missed the sign up day for the dog show this weekend in Pueblo, NM. It's probably a good thing though since it's 3 hours away! Some people take this dog show stuff a little too far! We will, however, be going to the specialty shows in February. Apparently it is 5 days of non-stop grooming, fluffing & running the rink. Chai will most likely be there atleast 3 of the days with a handler or the breeder, if he can handle all the excitement. We have decided if we don't get any points that weekend we are probably done :0) It's a little too discouraging to put that much time and effort into grooming, training, drive time, fluff time, and rink time just to get second place (which gets ZERO points).

Other than showing him, we will be moving (very shortly) to a new place with a yard!  Chai & Star will have lots of room to romp around. Not to mention, Mom & Dad will be out of the house less dealing with the commute!